NorthWest Lacrosse, Youth Lacrosse located in Kalispell, Montana but serving the whole Flathead Valley.

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Brave Heart Rules

Saturday format- 1 5 Minute Timed Period.  Game ends in tie if still tied

Sunday Format 1 3 Minute Full Field Overtime.  Second Overtime will be Non- Timed Braveheart

If the schedule must be strictly adhered to and a decisive result is not required, it is recommended that games tied at the end of regulation be declared tie games. However, when a decisive result is required, the following tiebreaker may be used:

• Each team fields a goalie and a field player.

• Officials may inspect field crosses before the tiebreaker begins; no coach-requested checks.

• Teams defend the same goal they defended in the second half.

• Teams must use the goalies on the field at the end of regulation.

• The field players face off at center.

• Goalies must be behind their restraining lines during the faceoff.

• The goalies may not cross midfield.

• The first team to score a goal wins.

• There are no timeouts or substitutions permitted except in the case of injury (in which case the opponent may also substitute a player).

• If a team commits what would normally be a timeserving penalty during the tiebreaker, play is restarted with the offending player in his defensive half of the field (Mid Line for a technical foul) or in his defensive restraining area (Restraint Line for a personal foul) and the offended team’s field player in possession just outside the attack area (Box Line closest to goal).

• All other standard rules apply, including counts.